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IMG_0852You may have seen Green bean in Copley on Stuart Street in the mornings. Now, they are serving lunch in Government Center on Thursdays! We get there and they guy on the truck immediately recognizes and greets my two coworkers who live on Green Bean’s coffee in the morning. They offer organic and fair trade coffee and how cool is it that their truck is solar powered?

IMG_0851The wind is whipping around us as we decide what we want to order. My first thought is waffle, for sure. But then my inner adult screams, that’s not a responsible lunch. Boo! So I opt for the Eastie – Turkey, avocado, bacon, tomato, cheese & chipotle aioli on Texas toast.

IMG_0853The sandwich was pretty tasty, although I wish there were a different kind of cheese on the sandwich, just to kick it up another notch. Really excited to try their breakfast items and of course, a waffle! Find them at breakfast at Stuart Street.

Green Bean Mobile Cafe

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