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IMG_0540We decide to take a spontaneous trip up to Maine to do some outlet shopping. We stop by one of our go-to restaurants in York, Stonewall Kitchen.

IMG_0541It’s a rainy day, a little on the chilly side, but Stonewall is more crowded than I’ve ever seen it.

IMG_0543I love all their fall gardening.

IMG_0533The line is almost out the door and seats are hard to come by. We wait in line patiently and luck out with a seat. The tables are tight and people are breathing down your neck waiting for you to leave. The retail area isn’t any better, super crowded.

IMG_0534They have a lot of good looking choices – you order from the cashier and walk past the case of delicious side salads and desserts before you pay.

IMG_0535Lobster Mac and Cheese ($15) had a lovely presentation. There was a fair amount of lobster in the dish and I liked how they gave you a side salad to balance of the gluttony on the other side of you plate.

IMG_0536Roast Beef sandwich ($8) was piled high with deli meat and tasted pretty good. They bring the food to you, but you are supposed to bus your own table. It was a quick lunch, as you felt guilty sitting after you’ve finished, but it was tasty none the less. We wanted to look at some of the retail products but left without getting very far. We were blocked by masses of tourists crowding around the free samples and those who were just aimlessly wandering not noticing other people. We took one look at the check out line and thought better of it.

Stonewall Kitchen Cafe

2 Stonewall Lane, York, ME


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