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IMG_0353We recently moved from the Back Bay into Faneuil Hall. We’re excited to try out all the new restaurants in the area. Day 1 we go into the food court in search of lunch. We stop at the Walrus and Carpenter Oyster Bar for lobster rolls.

IMG_0354The food court is a mad house – tourists walking slowly taking it all in and snapping pictures of everything they see, people with strollers and suitcases trying to navigate the crowds, tour groups and school groups fighting to stick together, it’s enough to make anyone feel claustrophobic. For $15 we get a lobster roll and chips. There’s a small bar to sit at, but we opt to take them outside since the sun is shining and it’s relatively warm outside. Usually I don’t go for mayo based lobster rolls, but this one was quite tasty. Not too much mayo and really nice flavoring while making sure not to over power the lobster meat. The bread looked like it would be a crusty baguette, but I was pleasantly surprised at how soft and fresh it was. A great meal all in all, the service was quick, we were in and out in under 5 minutes even though they were swamped.

Walrus and Carpenter Oyster Bar

Faneuil Hall Marketplace – Boston, MA

Walrus & Carpenter on Urbanspoon

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