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IMG_0925It’s way past Halloween, but I wanted to show you these because they were just too cute! We had a week long Halloween bake off at my office. I was in it to win it –  started things off by bringing these in Monday morning. The smack talk over Facebook and Instagram was at an all time high, there may have even been threats of bodily harm from other participants to get coworkers to vote in their favor. I saw these cuties on Healther’s blog Whipperberry. Her’s are much cuter than mine, I couldn’t find green marshmallows (although I didn’t look very hard) and I had a hard time getting my candy eyeballs to stick. But they were a BIG hit with the office.

IMG_0905These babies win it for me every year – it’s a cult office favorite. Oreos, dipped in white chocolate. I dipped the oreos first and let them cool a bit before sticking on the candy eyes and then piping on the mummy wrap.

IMG_0947How super cute are these!

IMG_0948They were gone in about 10 minutes!

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