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IMG_1200I was invited to Serenade Chocolatier to sample their new dark and stormy truffle. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the store, it’s located in Brookline Village, next to Baja Betty’s and the Village Smokehouse.

IMG_1201Owner Nur Kılıc has over 40 signature chocolates and truffles, all handmade in traditional Viennese style.

IMG_1202While sampling the newest truffle, I also pick up a box of chocolate for a hostess gift for our “Friends Thanksgiving” we are attending this weekend.

IMG_1203Such a lovely gift, and with all the wonderful chocolates, it’s hard to choose which ones to put in our gift box.

IMG_1205The service couldn’t have  been better, Nur was friendly and attentive, just lovely. In the end we pick up solid milk and dark (bottom), 3 dark and stormy truffles (top right), mocha (top left), coffee cream (fan), salted caramels (under fan), cashew cluster (under salted caramel), champagne truffle (right), peanut butter cup (above solid dark) and a walnut. We know that these will be a huge hit! So stop by and pick up a hostess gift, or some special chocolates for Thanksgiving (or any occasion) today! In addition to chocolates, they also serve hand dipped ice cream bars, I’m licking my lips as we speak and can’t wait to go back and try one!

See their full menu here.

Serenade Chocolatier

5 Harvard Ave, Brookline Village, MA

Serenade Chocolatier on Urbanspoon

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