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IMG_0830Located on the corner of Broad and State, Bailey and Sage is a go to place for a lot of my co-workers.

IMG_0668Similar to Sweet Green, Bailey and Sage offers signature salads as well as the option to create your own. They are a little short staffed when we arrive, but the service is still pretty speedy.

IMG_0669While it looks like a small takeout box, there is so much salad stuffed in here, that you could literally make two meals out of it.

IMG_0670I order the chef salad, $9.50, Romaine and iceberg lettuces, sliced all-natural turkey breast, smoked ham, Certified Angus rare roast beef, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, chopped onion, cucumber, chopped egg, and roasted red peppers with a choice of dressing.

IMG_0671The salad has all fresh ingredients and I like that you are able to watch them make your salad. The put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and use what looks like a pizza cutter to chop your salad into bite size pieces. And even though it is a salad, it is very filling, I took the rest home and had it for dinner that night. Bailey and Sage has a cool vibe to it, and the service is quick and friendly, just what I am looking for when I am in a race to run out and get lunch. Good to know that they can make any of their salads into a wrap, they have specialty sandwiches and they also cater.

Bailey & Sage

103 State Street, Boston, MA

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