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IMG_0621I was contacted by Cocozia to review their coconut water. They sent me a case in return for a post on Amazon. Here’s a little more about their product, “COCOZIA is fat-free and contains no processed ingredients of any kind. It’s 100% organic and it’s so good for you! COCOZIA contains fresh, pure water from inside a young green coconut. It’s a clear, naturally sweet liquid that has just 70 calories. Make COCOZIA your go-to answer when you want easy-to-drink hydration, coupled with a natural abundance of potassium and magnesium, as well as other electrolytes.

IMG_0622I had never tried coconut water before, but have heard it’s all the rage. It helps with hangovers, it replenishes your electrolytes after a workout, sounds amazing right? I have to admit that coconut isn’t my favorite flavor, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The case arrives and we chill it for the best taste. Vitacoco comes with a screw top, which I kind of like the idea of you being able to reseal the bottle. Cocozia comes with a foil tear away top and a straw. Brings me back to my juice box days. Speaking of Vitacoco, I bought a box just for comparison. Vitacoco is much sweeter than Cocozia.

IMG_0623I poured it into a glass just to see what I was getting myself into. The water doesn’t have as strong of a coconut flavor as I thought it would. Personally, I don’t think coconut water is for me. I brought the rest of the case to work and had my coworkers weigh in. The coworkers thought that overall it wasn’t bad. They said that it was refreshing and sweet without the taste of unnatural sweeteners. People in my office, for the most part, seemed to like it.

You can buy Cocozia on Amazon or and you can find out more on their website.

About Epicurex:

Epicurex LLC is an importer and distributor of exotic beverages, with three offices worldwide. Our specialty is bringing a taste of Asia to the rest of the world, and we are proud of producing only drinks of the highest quality, freshness, and authenticity. As we grow our product base, we promise to never lose sight of our mission: to provide only the best in all-natural, USDA organic products that taste great and contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

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