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Devra First of the Boston Globe just gave Ribelle a RAVE review, 4 stars in fact. Ribelle joins good company with Menton, as they are the only two restaurants that First has given all 4 stars to. We headed over early on Sunday night and we were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get a table.

IMG_0782Still obsessed with the light fixtures here.

IMG_0783A view of the open kitchen.

IMG_0780The menu here changes frequently. Here is the cocktail menu.

IMG_0781Because we arrived early enough, we were able to do the 3 for $30 until 6:30pm menu. The restriction is that if one person at the table orders from this menu, everyone at the table has to. But that’s it, if you want three desserts, you can get three desserts for $30. Tempting, but I have to say that I worry about what the other diners will think if I get three corn ice creams.

IMG_0779Here’s a look at the regular menu.

IMG_0784We start off the night with the garlic knots. They are warm and delicious, super soft and taste amazing when dipped in the marinara sauce. This was the same size as the regular appetizer portion.

IMG_0785The chicken wings with polenta and eggplant is served under a dusting of parmesan cheese. The dish was tasty, but I was surprised at how dry the meat was. While it was my least favorite dish of the night, it was still pretty darn tasty.

IMG_0786The carrots with  hazelnuts, buckthorn berry jam and mustard seeds was amazing. The presentation along was spectacular. I loved all the flavors and textures in this dish. The buckthron berry jam was well paired with the hazelnuts and the mustard seeds gave the dish that zingy bite. This was the same size portion as if you were ordering off the full menu.

IMG_0787The canestri with spicy pork sausage, broccoli rabe and tomatoes. This is the same size as a half order of pasta. The dish  was cooked perfectly al dente, and with so many great flavors, it was hard to tell what was the star of the show.

IMG_0788The diver scallops with cranberry beans, pea greens, lemon and malt.

IMG_0789Here’s a better view of the scallops, which were sliced thinly and seared to perfection.

IMG_0790And of course the corn ice cream for dessert, I had been waiting for this all meal. Corn ice cream with pine nut and apple. The dish will blow your mind. There are hints of sweetness from the corn and the apple and then the spicy kick from the pepper and the crunch from the brittle.


1665 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA

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