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IMG_0998It’s the night that the Red Sox came home to Boston and won the World Series. I have been offered two complimentary tickets from City Gusto to attend the Halloween Mashup between Roxy’s and El Pelon. Here are the event details:

“Join us for the first ever Roxy’s vs. El Pelon Halloween Mash-up! In the spirit of Halloween, costumes, and general eerie events, Roxy’s and El Pelon will dress up, as each other. Roxy’s will be featuring a burrito-inspired grilled cheese using El Pelon ingredients, while El Pelon counterattacks with a Roxy’s grilled cheese-inspired burrito. A ticket gets you a guaranteed double serving – one grilled cheese, one burrito, a special limited edition Roxy’s / El Pelon t-shirt, and an official ballot. The winning restaurant will be donating all proceeds to the charity of their choice. Cost: $25 for one of each plus a limited edition T-shirt, or $15 for food only if purchased in advance. Day of event items may be available for $7.50 each and T-shirts for $15. “

IMG_0999There isn’t a lot of parking down at El Pelon so we hop the green line to BC. We arrive a little before 8pm and there are two or three other people waiting outside the door. El Pelon doesn’t have a lot of space inside, and thankfully it isn’t that cold outside. We wait in line for 15 minutes to hand over our ticket and place our order and then another 15 minutes to wait for our food.

IMG_1001As we are waiting, the line grows longer outside. There aren’t that many seats inside, so we decide t bring our food home and eat it in front of the tv while watching the Sox game. I dig all the pictures up on the wall of customers in their El Pelon t-shirts.

IMG_1002Some other festive decor.

IMG_1003So here is what is on the menu tonight – how good does this sound? So we grab our food, and I kid you not, the bag must weigh 10lbs. Roxy’s burrito could be used as a deadly weapon if someone tries to mug us on the way home for all this delicious smelling food.

IMG_1005First up, the El Pelon grilled cheese – they killed it. Love, love, love the sweetness from the plantains. Great flavor profile all the way around.

IMG_1006So here’s the Roxy’s burrito – see what I’m talking about, ENORMOUS! Maybe double, or even triple the size on an Anna’s super.

IMG_1012Looking at the insides of a burrito are never pretty, but I’m showing you anyway. I liked the bright flavor that the fresh tomato brought to the burrito party, and the braised beef had a really tasty flavor. We didn’t stick around to vote at the event, and it was a really tough decision because both dishes were really tasty and inventive. I would say that in the end, I would pick El Pelon, the plantains sent this dish over the top for me.

El Pelon

2197 Comm Ave., Brighton MA 02135


OPEN 11AM – 11PM

El Pelón Taquería on Urbanspoon


Keep your eyes open for the opening of their Brick and Mortar store!

Roxy's Grilled Cheese on Urbanspoon

City Gusto

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