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I introduced Foumami to my foodie coworkers, they’re hard to impress. Located on Franklin Street, Foumami is right around the corner from Equinox.

IMG_0515The line is long but it moves pretty quickly. People here are mostly taking out, so we have no problems getting a seat.

IMG_0516Menus are all around, so you can figure out what you want while you’re waiting in line. There are so many good things, it’s hard for me to choose. They also have a variety of Asian snacks at the register for purchase.

IMG_0519After careful review of the menu, I go with my good old faithful standby, the ribeye steak ($7.95) Grilled soy garlic marinated ribeye steak, sautéed onions, romaine lettuce. The sandwiches are served on  freshly baked Shao Bing bread- crisp and flaky on the outside- chewy and soft on the inside (thin of the consistency of a scallion pancake minus the scallion) As you can see, the meat is juicy and flavorful. It’s a well rounded sandwich, nice flavors, it fills you up without making you feel like you need to roll out of the restaurant. Service here is quick and no nonsense, stop in before 12 or after 1 for less of a line.


225 Franklin St, Boston, MA

(617) 426-8858

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