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IMG_9781We spent the day wandering around the city going to all the outdoor flea markets and farmers markets. Hester Street Fair is located in lower Manhattan at the corner of Essex and Hester. It’s a relatively small market in comparison to let’s say the Brooklyn Flea, but they pack a lot of great things into a small space.

IMG_9778We visit Rachel Mae’s Farmstand first for some lemonade. Really refreshing! Love this booth – it’s so inviting! They offer a weekly CSA pickup as well.

IMG_9782Of course we stop at the Melt cart. We were fans before they had a shop (see old post here).

IMG_9779The classic is two chocolate chip walnut sandwiches with vanilla ice cream. They are already assembled in the cart and ready to go. Love every bite of this. While there is charm in hand packed sandwiches, there is also something very neat and tidy that appeals to me when I look at these.

IMG_9780We also pick up the “Elvis”, peanut butter cookies with banana ice cream! YUM!! The cookies are thin, but make the treat easier to eat like a sandwich. The ice cream is creamy and delicious, they have thoughtful flavor combinations. Check out their website here.

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