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IMG_9722Westville is close to our NY office, so my coworkers and I decided to head out for a bite for lunch. Love these post cards they leave with your bill.

IMG_9704We start off with some strawberry lemonades! Yum! So pretty…

IMG_9705One of my coworkers tells me that the mac and cheese here is delicious, so that’s what I get ($8). When the waitress asks if I want it with bacon, I wonder if anyone ever says no to that. Seriously?

IMG_9706And to try and balance the heart attack I’m about to give myself with the decadent mac and cheese I balance it off with a side of tomato and mozzarella. (1 for $6, plate of 4 for $15).

I hear that this place is normally packed, but we lucked out and are able to  grab a seat right away. Our waitress is good and all of our food comes out at the same time. Everything is delicious. Looking forward to visiting again soon so that I can try some of the other sides they offer.

Westville – Hudson

333 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10013

Westville on Urbanspoon

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