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IMG_0773Ribelle glows in bright red neon at night, the only thing to alert you that this nondescript building in Washington Squsre is Tim Maslow’s new restaurant. Ribelle, pronounced Ri-bell-ay, means rebel in Italian.

IMG_0682We arrive around 7 on Wednesday to a half full restaurant, which is surprising. I’m obsessed with the lighting fixtures and the decor here. There is a long communal table and half banquettes on the perimeter. The restaurant fills up as the night goes on, but it was nice to have our own space for a while.

IMG_0676We started with the garlic knots with marinara sauce.

IMG_0677We also ordered the carrots.

IMG_0686The open kitchen is lovely and fits in well with the decor. The chefs wear paper hats that are reminiscent of a fast food diner.

IMG_0679I order the bolognese, that comes plated only on one side of the plate. I nicely take off the greens, as I am really just interested in the pasta.

IMG_0680The wagu beef.

IMG_0685Met a friend in the bathroom 🙂

IMG_0683For dessert the coffee cake with cadamom and berries.

IMG_0684Corn (!!) ice cream. Ummm…I die for this. Sweet with a hint of spice from the pepper words can not describe this – you just have to taste it for yourself!


1665 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA

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