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IMG_0211The weather was nice so we opted for lunch out on the Salty Pig’s patio. When we arrived, it was packed, and by the time we left, there was no one else outside, we had the whole patio to ourselves!

IMG_0212They  have sectioned off the patio with plants and really warmed up the patio, making it feel like a secluded oasis in the middle of the city.

IMG_0209We start with the Salty Pig ($14): Porchetta: Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder with Herbs, Pate de Campagne: Bacon Wrapped country style Pate, Stracciatella: Mozzarella Style Pulled Cheese, Marinated Olives, Seasonal Greens: Roasted Shallot Vinaigrette. Everything on this board was salty deliciousness. We loved the mix of flavors and textures, salty, sweet, some were smooth and creamy, some had a bite.

IMG_0213While the appetizer came out quickly, we waited about 20 minutes for our pizza…it kind of felt like they forgot to fire the order. We had the Tarte Flambée ($14): Bacon, Onions, Crème Fraîche. A really good pizza, great flavors and a good chewy crust. Service was slow at lunch, the two waiters on the patio looked like they were more interested in flirting with each other than filling our water glasses, so thank goodness we weren’t in a rush.

The Salty Pig has a cool decor and great food, just keep in mind that it is super busy just after work and at lunch time.

Salty Pig

130 Dartmouth Street, Boston, MA

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