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IMG_0062Crumbs opened a location in the Natick Mall, upstairs in the newer wing of the mall.

IMG_0065I had to attend a party, so I picked up the Best Seller Taste Pack – how cute are these? I thought that with this pack there would be something for everyone – m&m, vanilla coconut, grasshopper, oreo, red velvet, birthday cake, chocolate chip cookie dough, hostess cupcake….yum.


They also have smaller pre made 6 packs.

IMG_0112Black Bottom Cheesecake: Brownie cake with cheesecake baked in topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting covered with brownie chunks and vanilla cream cheese drizzle. The downer to buying cupcakes is that they have little signs that tell you exactly how many calories you will be consuming…which can certainly be a deterrent.

IMG_0113For the 500+ calories I am sure that I would be eating if I had the whole cupcake, I wanted this to be out of this world. The chocolate cake was fresh (which sometimes they aren’t with the bigger cupcakes here) and I liked the cream cheese frosting but the cheesecake filling here was a miss for me, whether it was the flavor itself or how the flavor of the filling went with the flavor of the frosting….it just didn’t work for me.IMG_0069The Elvis cupcake, as you can imagine, vanilla cake filled & frosted with banana cream cheese frosting, topped with a swirl of real creamy peanut butter and edged with peanut butter chips. I feel like they played it safe with this one, it was good, but lacked the wow factor.

What’s your favorite cupcake at Crumbs?


1245 Worcester Street, Natick, MA

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