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IMG_5739Last December I save up enough Belly points at the Blue Glass to treat my co-workers to breakfast. (Note that free breakfast is for 10 people and we bought extra bagels to supplement). Every time you swipe your Belly card you get 10 points. Here is the reward schedule for Blue Glass:

BellyOur office is (was) literally across the street from the Hancock Building, but we couldn’t get breakfast delivered, so we headed up to their mezzanine to have our celebration.

IMG_0312As we said goodbye to Back Bay, I had saved up another 500 points so we could have a farewell breakfast on our last day in the old office. This time around the breakfast had changed, and we had the option of a hot breakfast with eggs, half bacon and half sausage, potatoes, fruit, English muffins, coffee and team along with fruit juices. Again, we purchased a dozen bagels to supplement our free breakfast, which gave us just the right amount of food. The food was hot and the fruit was fresh. All in all, a nice way to celebrate our last day.

The Blue Glass has a great new outdoor patio, which has been great these past few months. They have a lot going on, fun classes, evening events, specials and contests. Check out their Facebook page for all the latest updates.

Blue Glass Cafe

Located in the John Hancock Tower, Boston, MA

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