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Myung Dong is located on the corner of Harvard and Brighton Ave. The decor is sparse, TV’s on the wall playing K-pop and some graffiti on the wall. Other than that, it looks like a typical Allston bar on the inside. The food however is delicious.

KImchi Pancake: Korean style pancake lightly pan fried with scallions and kimchi; served with seasoned soy sauce. A little spicy, lip tingling. A hearty dish.

IMG_9540Small order of fried dumplings: Lightly fried pork & vegetable dumplings; served with seasoned soy sauce. I love these – a really delicious dumpling – the filling is tasty and the wontons are perfectly golden brown.

IMG_9541Bibimbop: Fresh vegetables, a fried egg and beef. This hot pot dish is a favorite – mix it all up and meld all the flavors together.

IMG_9544Mandoo ramen: Ramen noodles, pork dumplings, scallions, sliced carrots, and egg drop in a spicy broth. The ramen is amazing. The broth is spicy – not unbearable, but spicy. The dumplings plus the noodles make this a carb lovers dream. By the time I was done, I was completely full. I was dreaming about this ramen for the whole week!


Dduk Ramen: Ramen noodles with rice cakes, scallions, sliced carrots, and egg drop in a spicy broth. We went back and had takeout the following week – I had been thinking about this ramen since we were there before. It combines my favorite things, rice cake noodles and ramen. The broth was spicy, but bearable. The soup was good at home, but I think for best results, ramen is best consumed at the restaurant.

Myung Dong 1st Ave

90 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA

Myung Dong 1st Avenue on Urbanspoon

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