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IMG_9386We went away with some friends to Vermont and they were kind enough to send over a really “sweet” thank you. Sweet cupcakes delivered a dozen cupcakes to our house. Unfortunately, when we opened them up, this is what they looked like. It’s the thought that counts right? The cupcakes in the middle fell over because the insert wasn’t holding them stable. For $36 plus $15 delivery, this was certainly a shame – we didn’t have the heart to tell them.


ORGANIC KARAT: Moist carrot cake with shredded organic carrots and crushed pineapple topped with classic cream cheese frosting and an edible gold leaf petal


Lemon: Sweet’s refreshing lemon juice infused cake topped with Sweet’s signature frosting and finished with a sugared lemon candy.


RED VELVET: Gentle hint of Bensdorp Dutch cocoa, a classic shocking red hue and Sweet’s delectable cream cheese frosting


THE SWEET CAKE: Creamy Madagascar vanilla bean cake with buttercream frosting in vanilla


DARK CHOCOLATE: Rich chocolate cake baked with Dutch cocoa topped with buttercream frosting in chocolate
The cupcakes were a little on the well done/dry side. The frosting was ok, but not crave-worthy in my book.


49 Massachusetts Ave

Boston, MA 02115

Phone: 617-247-2253

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