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A Little Bit About a Lot of Things

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IMG_9520It was the perfect day, so I decided to take my lunch break and head over to one of my favorite stores, Olives and Grace.

IMG_9523Somehow I managed to get out of there with only two things, self restraint!! I love everything in the store. I had been seeing Sofi’s instagrams about Moochies Macarons, and have been dying to try them. The past few times I’ve been there, she has been out.

IMG_9522So as luck would have it, today, they were in stock! They keep in the fridge/freezer for weeks! Not like these were going to make it home or anything….

IMG_9534There is just something about macarons…they’re simple and sophisticated, you can’t help but feel a little fancy when you bite into one, and they are so delicate but can have a bold flavor. These had been in Sofi’s freezer, so she suggested I let them defrost about 2 hours and they would be at their peak. It was painful to count down the seconds… I loved every single bite of these treats, perfect consistency and so dainty you just want to put your pinky in the air while eating them. Stop by Olives and Grace to pick some up or visit Moochies online at


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