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IMG_8121It’s hard to buy gifts for some people. I try to go out of my way to get things people wouldn’t normally get for themselves. I found this cool company online, Secret Squirrel coffee. My husband is a big fan of cold brew coffee – so I was pumped to get him a brand he hadn’t tried yet. They are an organic company based out of CA. I was bummed to find this at my door. More disappointed that the mail carrier would actually leave this at my door, soaking into the carpet, than with Secret Squirrel.

IMG_8122When I got home the hallway smelled like fresh brewed coffee, so I knew things weren’t going to be good when I opened this baby up.

IMG_8125This is what had happened, ill right? So I wrote off a quick email to the company and within 3 hours I had an email back apologizing profusely for the soggy box of coffee – they said that this was a very isolated incident. They sent out another box the next day and all bottles were intact! Success! Great customer service, thanks for that! My husband has really been enjoying your coffee!

IMG_8139The lone survivor in the original package was brought to work to share with my coffee loving co-workers, they loved every sip (don’t let the silly faces fool you – such jokers!) – so big win all around! All orders are brewed to order and each bottle makes between 4 and 6 drinks depending on how you like your coffee.

Secret Squirrel Cold Brew

Check them out on Facebook or their website.


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