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IMG_9404Met up with an old co worker one day after work. I joke with her that she is more Asian than I am, since she knows all the best places to go for Asian cuisine. While I was standing across the street waiting for her to show up, a family walks up to me and asks me where the good places are to eat around here. I tell him politely that (ironically) I don’t know. He backtracks by mumbling something about not asking me just because I am Asian and walks away (thanks goodness) explaining that he is a tourist (yes my friend, the pulled up white athletic socks, white walking shoes, and fanny pack certainly did not give it away!

IMG_9405We start with the eggplant.

IMG_9406And get the rice cake with veggies and pork – which is delicious, some of the best rice cakes I’ve had. We also had the roast beef with scallion pancake (not pictured) which was really really tasty. Think of a steak sub wrapped up in a scallion pancake. Amazing.


The juicy buns are delicious, and there is no way to eat them in a ladylike fashion, so just dive in. The trick is to take a little bite out of the top and let the liquid fall out into the wonton spoon. Then just put the dumpling in your mouth in one bite (if you can). Service here is quick and efficient. You sit at communal tables since there is limited space. They don’t like to let you linger because space is such a premium, so prepare to digest on the run…if you can move from your seat.

Dumpling Cafe

695 Washington Street, Boston, MA

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