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IMG_6354Every time I come here, we struggle with the service – mainly the hostess. Most recently, we arrive for a late lunch, with a reservation. We are 15 minutes early, but they say that they can’t seat us. As we look around and see half a dozen open tables, it just doesn’t make any sense. We ask if we can sit in the booth, and the hostess explains that they can’t pull a chair up to the end of the table, it’s a fire hazard. That’s fine, I completely understand that – I know that’s the deal. We say we can squeeze 5 into the booth and she is hesitant to let us do so (and we manage to do so quite easily). In the end she concedes but not before rolling her eyes and sighing heavily. Point taken. Would be a turn off if the sushi here wasn’t so darn good. Lunch time can be busy as well as right after work. I highly suggest a reservation made days in advance, as opentable reservations can sometimes be hard to come by.

IMG_6355We get a bunch of plates for sharing. Pictured here is the shrimp tempura and the spicy tuna roll. Sushi rolls can be ordered with brown or white rice, it’s nice to have the option. The rolls are fresh and the tempura is quite crispy, one of my favorites here. Our waitress was good – she was friendly, and was able to get us in and out with our limited time for lunch. Sushi here is nicely plated, almost like a work of art. While sushi is a bit pricier than some other restaurants in the area, it is well worth it.


131 Dartmouth St
(between Columbus Ave & Southwest Corridor Park)
Boston, MA 02116

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