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IMG_9190We returned to B Street for brunch. I had seen the breakfast flatbread ($14) on the menu and had to try it. Sunny side up eggs on a flat bread with bacon, sharp cheddar and roasted garlic. Really delicious and lovely to look at! Surprisingly easy to eat as the eggs were less runny than I had hoped they would be.


I had the mushroom omelet with wild mushroom ragout ($13). Delicious flavor and a hearty meal. Was looking forward to the old bay potatoes, but they tasted like plain breakfast potatoes. When I cook at home, the old bay tends to cook off, so I always sprinkle a little extra on after things are cooked just to give the flavor a real boost! We thought that there would be a bigger crowd here, as the last time we were here is was empty. Hard to get a feel for what the vibe is when there aren’t a lot of people. There were a few people hanging out at the bar and another table enjoying a leisurely breakfast. The food here is good, would certainly go back for another breakfast flatbread! Service was good, our waiter was friendly and kept on top of our needs. The food came out quickly and right out of the oven.

B Street

796 Beacon Street, Newton, MA

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