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IMG_9247My parents came into town and took us out to dinner. They offered up PF Changs, and I countered with Red Lantern. Still Chinese, but a more grown up feel – PF Changs feels very chain-like to me, with mediocre service, and most of the time it’s pretty dirty there – those lettuce wraps can make a real mess.

IMG_9248Located in the Back Bay, Red Lantern has a decent after work crowd, nothing like seeing businessmen sharing a scorpion bowl. There are a lot of great design elements here – I really love the decor.

IMG_9249There is an open kitchen in the back so you can see everything. The service is good – somewhere between average and the next step up. We started with the lobster rangoon – crispy wonton, sweet soy and scallions ($12).

IMG_9250The shrimp tempura maki ($9) was delicious – and check out how beautifully plated this dish is!

IMG_9252Again, the beautiful plating.

IMG_9253The vegetable spring rolls with house chili garlic sauce ($10).

IMG_9254The bulgogi was cubed as opposed to shredded. Hand cut beef rib eye served with kimchi and some white rice. ($30) The price is a little steep, but the food is excellent – great taste and wonderfully plated.

IMG_9255The Tik Tok chicken ($24) is similar to General Gao/Tso’s chicken. The portion is generous, enough to bring home and enjoy as another meal. As I mentioned, the prices are a bit high here, but the food is delicious – and high quality.

Red Lantern

39 Stanhope Street, Boston, MA

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