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IMG_9659Met a fabulous friend for drinks and tapas at Barcelona. We were planning on sitting outside on the patio, but it is getting dark so early these days. We grab a seat at the bar. There’s an interesting crowd here – two ladies who look like they may be trying a little too hard to look half their age, a couple rolling their own cigarettes next to us getting chatty and friendly with the bartender, some middle aged folks who look like they are having a blind date, and some younger college aged kids hovering behind us while they wait for a seat. The bar is hopping! We order a glass of wine (priorities) and then proceed to picking out what we want to eat. Everything looks so good. We order the mushroom salad ($5.50) with Celery, Mustard, Allandale’s Frisee. Delicious. Love every bite of this. The mushrooms are shaved thinly and the mustard, which I’m not usually a fan of, is light and subtle.

IMG_9660The potato tortilla with chive sour cream ($$4.50) was so delicious, such great comfort food.

IMG_9661Of course we had to try the lobster fideos ($14) which are toasted lobster infused noodles with larges pieces of lobster on top. The pasta comes crisp and almost stuck to the bottom of the pan, but that’s how you get all the good flavoring, but scraping the bottom of the pan! The noodles are short, they are like broken pieces of spaghetti. Really nice flavoring in this dish, we ate every last piece.

IMG_9662Simple plating for the manchego cheese ($6.50).

IMG_9663For dessert, they brought us crepas salguero ($7.00) Dulce de Leche, Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream on the house. A nice light and delicious dessert.

IMG_9664Of course we had to have the churros ($8) with dark chocolate dipping sauce. Pure heaven. Both the churros and the chocolate were warm and delicious – so good we shared with two guys sitting next to us.

IMG_9665And just because we needed more chocolate, we had the chocolate indulgence ($7) a warm chocolate lava cake with coconut ice cream and raspberry coulis. I wasn’t in love with the coconut ice cream, but the cake was delicious, so decadent. We had such a great evening, filled with laughs, great food, and good company. This may be my new neighborhood spot!


100 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA (Washington Square)

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