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We had to run an errand at the mall after work, so we decided to grab a quick bite at Wasabi, located in the new section of the mall, across the way from Lord and Taylor. All the plates are made by the chef and then put on a conveyor belt that loops around the restaurant. All dishes are priced by the color plate they are on. Yellow is $2.50, orange is $3.00, red is $3.50, blue is $4.00 and purple is $5.00.

IMG_9212Above is the shrimp tempura, unlike any other shrimp tempura sushi I’ve ever had before. They had crunchy little rice crispy like pieces on the outside. I had to admit that I was worried about the freshness of the sushi. The shrimp tempura was the first one I tried and it was a little soggy for my taste – like it had been going around one too many times. All the other rolls that we had were very fresh.

IMG_9213Some things like hot items or appetizers can be ordered from your waiter.

IMG_9214In addition to sushi, they have fun things like seaweed salad or peanut butter and jelly rolls.

IMG_9215The seaweed salad here is top notch.

IMG_9216The restaurant is right in the middle of the walkway of the new part of the mall, so there is always good people watching.

IMG_9217Our server was good, even though he wasn’t bringing our food he was hanging out in the corner, keeping an eye our for us and was quick to help when we made eye contact.

IMG_9218I’m not a fan of mochi personally, but we tried some for dessert. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake with red bean filling inside.



Natick Collection, 1245 Worcester Road, Natick, MA

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