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IMG_9565I’ve been trying to get to the Cookie Monstah for some time now, and for one reason or another, it just hasn’t happened…..until now. Here’s there schedule:

I stopped over on Wednesday to see them at Clarendon between Boylston and Newbury.


I picked the shortcake – sugared sugar cookies with strawberry ice cream. Ice cream is from Richardson’s and cookies are made fresh.

IMG_9567Of course the day I go to get one, it is unusually muggy and humid – so this baby was melting fast. While the wax paper bag prevented the ice cream from getting all over my hands, a bowl would have been my takeaway of choice. The ice cream in spots was a little icy at times, but overall and in general, I like Richardsons. The cookie was excellent – you think, what can you do to make a sugar cookie stand out – it’s pretty straightforward. There cookies were truly delicious, they were sprinkled with sugar and it was just the right texture – a little crisp around the edges and super soft in the middle. Can’t wait to go back to try another selection.

Cookie Monstah

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