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IMG_8864The first night we are in VT we decide to go out for a casual bite – pizza at Pie in the Sky. This place is always jamming! We are lucky to not have to wait for a table and order up two pizzas. The waitress is the same as we had the last time we were in Vermont 🙂 They have an outdoor patio, but be prepared to wait for those seats – in the nice weather they are highly coveted seats.

IMG_8865The ambiance is casual, but the pizzas taste gourmet. Above, pepperoni and onion. Pies range in price, from $14.99 for a small to $19.99 for a large. They have a nice selection of specialty pizzas, but if you still can’t find something you like, you can always pick your own toppings.


We also ordered a sausage and onion pizza.  For me it’s all about the sauce, with the crust as a close second, but the sauce here really makes the pizza. You have to start with a great base to make a great pizza. Two pies were more than the four of us could eat, so they wrapped the extra slices in tin foil and sent us on our way. The pizza tasted delicious cold on day two as well!

Pie in the Sky

492 Mountain Road, Stowe, VT 05672

Pie In the Sky on Urbanspoon

Pie In the Sky on Urbanspoon

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