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IMG_8650Union Square Donuts is all the rage these days – are gourmet donuts the new cupcake? They’re even better!

IMG_8651Located in Somerville on Bow Street, this tiny shop could easily be missed – so keep your eyes peeled for the chalkboard out front. They open at 8am and they only stay open until the last donut is sold. They post to Instagram when they are sold out for the day so check it out.

IMG_8653We’ve been there for breakfast two weekends in a row! Check out these amazing flavors! Hazelnut is above – a very mild nutty flavor with a sweet glaze.

IMG_8654Creamsicle. While I love the ice cream, not sure I love it as a donut – the flavor was intense! Something a little out of the ordinary for you risk takers 🙂

IMG_8655Honey almond may have been my favorite, sweet and light with a great texture with the almond slivers on top.

IMG_8656Vanilla bean – oh my – how decadent! These are finger licking good – the glaze is amazing!

IMG_9115Union Square is only open Thursday through Sunday. It is a cute little shop with bistro tables and a bar if you can’t wait to get home to eat those delicious donuts.

IMG_9116The quality of these donuts are amazing, they are so fresh – you can’t even compare them to that “other” place….ahem, Dunks. It’s like comparing apples and oranges. No contest Union Square!

IMG_9117You just get a good feeling about this company – check them out on Facebook and on Instagram to see what kinds of fun they are having on any given day.

IMG_9118I’ll leave you with  one of my other favorite donuts, filled with nectarine almond jam.

IMG_9119You really can’t go wrong with any of their flavors, so stop in and try one of each! Next on my list…one of the donut ice cream sandwiches with…wait for it….home made magic shell!

16 Bow Street, Somerville

Union Square Donuts on Urbanspoon

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