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IMG_7831We frequently come here to meet my cousin for lunch, it’s halfway for both of us. We eat lunch in the Ebenezer Tavern which some may call “charming” (my mom does).  This place is a popular wedding destination and they frequently have parties here on the weekends.

IMG_7832Who doesn’t love a place that gives out mini sticky buns in their bread basket? This time around though, they were a  bit stale. Service was just so so – our waiter went MIA mid meal.


I opted for the burger – cooked medium which means a cool pink center, when I got to the middle of this one, it was more like raw than pink. This time, the Publik House fell a bit short, other times it has been ok – so for me, it’s hit or miss.

Publik House

277 Main Street (RT 131)

P.O.BOX 187

Sturbridge, MA, 01566

Phone: 508.347.3313 • 800.publick

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