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IMG_8535Located in Fort Point, near Flour bakery, Tavern Road has been open a little under a year. There is street parking, but we grabbed a spot in the open lot across the street. Spaces are tight, but it’s convenient. We grabbed a great seat by the window.

IMG_8533It’s a great looking space. There were a few people eating dinner, but a lot more people hanging out at the bar.

IMG_8534The decor inside is really cool – very artistic. Chef Louis DiBiccari has an unconventional background. That being said, his attention to the minute details does not go unnoticed. Check out his bio on the website.


Heaven on Her Lips ($10) Gin, lime juice, strawberry, basil leaves. I’m not usually a gin kind of gal, but this was delicious – sweet, but not girly sweet – delicious, although it went down a little too easy if you know what I mean 😉 .


I ordered the Flatiron steak ($18)  and we split the Spaetzle ($8). The steak was tender, juicy and delicious. Very simple and yet really tasty. The spaetzle, not pictured, looks like a small portion, but it is so rich that is just the right amount. It is decadent and flavorful, the kind of stuff you think about three days later. Our server was good, he left us alone for most of our meal since we were busy chatting and catching up – but a good server knows when to come over and when to stand off. Really enjoyed the meal here, the the prices were very reasonable. Certainly plan on stopping in again.

Tavern Road

343 Congress Street

Boston, MA 02201


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