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Bully Boy

Bully Boy  is a small batch distillery owned by two brothers Will an Dave Willis. Bully Boy’s name pays homage to a favorite farm workhorse.


We grabbed a Groupon for a tour of the distillery in Boston ($35 for a tour for 4). The warehouse is kind of in the middle of nowhere, we had a hard time trying to find it, never mind that we were running super late. We make it in time for the tail end of the tour and the most important part of the tour, the tasting.


We managed to score some cool pictures – this baby cost upwards of $20K!


This place is a family run business. Will and Dave’s mom comes in and helps with the labeling and the “intern” giving the tour was their next door neighbor in their home town. Talk about an awesome way to get college credit!


We sampled the vodka, white whiskey, straight whiskey and the white rum -all straight up, no mixers here. Check out their website for great recipe ideas:


Bully Boy Distillers
35 Cedric Street
Boston, MA
(617) 442-6000

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