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I have been stalking trying to find the Frozen Hoagies truck for some time now.  They set up shop in the evenings in Copley, but either they have been off the street or I have been too busy to get down there. So I finally made it home early enough to jump in the car and head down to Cleveland Circle. It was a warm night and I was expecting lines forever – but surprisingly, there was no line!


Really nice guy in the truck – he let me know that they have a new truck in the works and it should be out on the streets soon! Each day they have different cookies and ice cream available to mix and match your own ice cream sandwich. You can have two sizes, a slider and a full size option (3 scoops of ice cream).


Starved, I picked up 2 ice cream sandwiches (don’t worry, they weren’t just for me) and instantly regret my choice because there is SO much ice cream. I underestimated what three scoops of ice cream looked like….I’d like to see the person who can open their mouth that wide to be able to eat this as a sandwich! I picked the nutella cookies with the razzle dazzle ice cream (vanilla ice cream with raspberry swirl and raspberry truffle pieces). The cookies are all home made and the ice cream is hand scooped to order.


And for the second sandwich I went with the chocolate chip cookie and the chocolate chip ice cream. The ice cream comes from Chilly Cow in Arlington. After I go these home, we dug into them with spoons. Really tasty, and a great deal for $6. Looking forward to seeing them around this summer!

Frozen Hoagies

Sun 10-4 SoWa Market, South End
Mon 4-8 Blossom st, Mass General West End
Tues 4-8 Cleveland Circle, Brighton
Wed 4-8 Milk st and Kilby st, Financial District
Thurs 4-8 Boylston st near Boston Public Library
Fri 4-8 Opera Place, Northeastern University
Sat Closed

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