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Some places I post right away, and for some reason, some just sit in my draft box for ages. To give you an idea of how long this has been sitting in my draft box, we went here PRE expansion. It only took me 10 years of living in Brookline to go here, why should the post be any different. That isn’t to say that my sluggish posting time on this has anything to do with the food or service, because it doesn’t. We actually had a very lovely meal here. I love walking by and seeing the tables outside on Beacon Street, it is always packed and there is usually a wait – sign of a good meal I suppose. Recently, well not so recently, they expanded into the space next door that was formerly Bretton Realty. Back to the meal. The space is warm and cozy inside, a real neighborhood spot. All different kinds of people were here, some on first dates and some groups of old friends chatting the night away over a bottle (or 3) of wine.


The atmosphere is dim, dare I say romantic? We start of with the garlic shrimp which I love ($14). After all, if both people eat garlic it cancels one another out, right? Really tasty – one of my go to tapas dishes.


Next, another go to classic – the tortilla espanola ($5), basically a potato cake – warm, delicious and it just melted in your mouth.


The chuleton ($26) is a River Rock Farm grass-fed rib-eye steak14 oz. The steak was excellent, but the real star of the show was my meal, the combination platter (see below).


The Combination plate is Marinated pork loin, fried eggs, and French fries ($16). I am pretty sure I am a sucker for most things with a fried egg on it, but these fries were amazing…the kind you think about for days. The pork was excellent, but the best part is when you break the yolk and you get the creamy salty goodness over the rest of your meal. Excellent dish.


For dessert we had the zurracaopte ($7), it was delicious, figs in a spiced red wine sauce…really tasty. Not one of my usual suspects for dessert, but glad we branched out and tried something new. We had a lovely waitress who knew a lot about the menu and gave excellent suggestions. When we were there, pre-renovation, it felt a bit small, but who knows at this point – it could be very spacious. So certainly worth another trip back for us, once the weather gets a little warmer I would love to go back and eat outside.

Taberna de Haro

999 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA

Closed on Sundays

Taberna de Haro on Urbanspoon

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