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You can get a sandwich: Your choice of filling on a toasted baguette. Stuffed with pickled carrots & daikon, housemade pork pate, housemade spicy mayo, cucumbers, red onion & cilantro

A Rice Bowl: Brown rice or white rice and your choice of filling with seasonal greens, bean sprouts, shredded carrots & daikon, and cilantro.

A Noodle Bowl: Soba or rice noodles and your choice of filling with red onion, bean sprouts, seasonal greens, shredded carrot and cilantro.  Topped with a dressing of your choice: spicy peanut, toasted sesame, vietnamese vinaigrette or miso lime.

Choose your filling and you’re ready to go. I order the Chinese BBQ Pork, made with their own blend of spices, in a rice bowl. The pork is a little salty but the sauce on top makes it a little sweet, nice combination. The carrots are what make the dish for me, the crunchy sweet tanginess is delicious. I can’t finish the whole thing for lunch, but those of you who have a big appetite, you can get extra meat for $2. For $6, this place is a steal, and they also take credit cards, which is a plus for me! Stop by to say hello and pick up a tasty Vietnamese snack. Support local food trucks!


Bon Me Food Truck

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