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Last week my sister in law and I went out for a bite to eat at BoMa in the South End. Right on Washington Street, the restaurant has large windows in the front that let in tons of light. We sat at a high top table near the front, which was ok early in the evening, but as the night went on, overflow from the bar pushed into our table.


We started with 2 Rumades to drink ($12). Our waiter said we should only get it if we LOVED cinnamon…so I am thinking that this is going to be a warm wintery drink. We were pleasantly surprised when it came out that it was light and refreshing- more of a citrus flavor with a slow, warmer cinnamon undertone.


We start with the duck fat french fries ($8). They come heaped in a bowl and were light and crisp, nicely season with just the right amount of salt.


I order the scallops ($25). Day boat scallops accompanied by confit daikon radish, grapefruit supreme and candied zest, with sweet parsnip puree and balsamic. The scallops were excellent, perfectly cooked.  I was a little surprised by the daikon radish because it looked exactly like the scallops – think about the surprise when you think you’re about to eat a scallop and get a root vegetable instead. I loved the sweetness of the grapefruit and balsamic – this was a really nice dish.


My sister in law had the hanger steak ($26) with Sea Salt Potatoes, green bean almandine, and carrot puree. She ordered the steak medium, and it came more well done. We didn’t want to wait to get another one, so she ate it anyway. It was a little on the dry side, but that was probably due to the fact that it was cooked a little longer. Nice flavors, beautifully plated.


Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake – Raspberry mousse and coulis, pistachio dust, pistachio brittle ($10). There seemed to be a disconnect with the flavors in this dish. The cake was spongy and the raspberry mousse was really light and fluffy. The pistachio brittle on top was really tasty. The dessert felt like multiple strong single flavors put together with no underlying theme to bring them together.


Citrus Pavolova ($9)– Pastry cream, blood orange pomegranate compote, candied blood orange zest, chocolate sauce. This was a really delicious dessert, loved the plating. The compote on top was delicious, really light and refreshing. The pavlova was airy and delicious, this is a great summer dessert. The service was good, we were there before it got crowded, around 6:30. We had to use the valet at the Gallows as BoMa did not offer it, and street parking is hard to find over in that area. We left full, and willing to come back again to try some of the other entrees on the menu.


1415 Washington Street

Boston MA 02118

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