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We had a mishap in trying to find this place before, we ended up next door at Deep Ellum. So when we finally returned, we were ready! We had built this place up in our heads, so we couldn’t wait to dive in. Love the bar, a really simple but great set up.


It was a weeknight, so there weren’t too many other people here. Our waitress was really nice and gave us some good suggestions. The service is what you would expect from a bar.


How do you go Mexican and not get guacamole? ($9)


Chicken Ranchero Tostada, Crispy tortilla house beans topped with ranchero braised chicken, Napa cabbage and crema.


You get the tacos per piece, so they run about $4 a piece. Order a few per person and you can always order more if you’re hungry. We had the Beef Barbacoa: Smoked brisket, pickled red onion, avocado crema, cotija and the Dallas Spicy Beef: Spicy beef with mushrooms and chilis on a fried tortilla with longhorn cheese.


Grilled Street Corn ($6) with Cotija, cilantro, chili lime aioli. Really delicious! We ate so many tacos that it was an expensive night, more money than we thought we were going to spend, but good to try out the place once. It’s location and lack of parking make it kind of pain to get to. The food was good, and if it were more convenient, we would probably go more often.


479 Cambridge St. Boston, MA 02134

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