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I really liked Mooo the last time we were there. This time, we were sat at a huge banquette in the front of the house, but in the corner by the hotel entrance. It was a little chilly every time the door opened and we had a prime view of the waiter’s station.


Located in the XV Beacon hotel in Beacon Hill, Mooo is a very modern steakhouse. I love the light fixtures.


We went for a celebration on a weekday. The restaurant and bar were both busy, I would recommend making a reservation.


Our waitress looked like she was a bartender, she arrived in a short dress and over the knee boots, not what we expected, but ok. We started off with the calamari, $16, that came with sweet and hot peppers. Really nice, really crispy with good flavors.


I had the lobster bisque, $14, that had one little piece of lobster inside, and was a little thin for my taste.


One of my favorite parts about this place are the sides. The Mooo mac and cheese ($12) never disappoints, really creamy and delicious. And I love the presentation.


The rolls, so delicious, come brushed with butter in a cast iron dish.


We had the mixed market vegetables ($10) which were tasty.


We all had the steak. I went with the  rib eye ($39) which was far too much for me to eat. We also had the steak frites ($38) and the 14oz sirloin ($43)


I love the presentation of the marrow butter and the herbs.


The steak is perfection. Juicy and pink on the inside, with a nice crust on the outside. One of the better steaks I have had.


For dessert, we share the bananas foster ($14) which is enormous!


We also have the apple pie ($10) which just hit the spot. At the end of the meal, we had eaten so much that you literally should have rolled us out of there. The service could have been better. I feel like sitting tucked away, you could easily be forgotten about. There were times when it seemed like our waitress had just disappeared. We had hoped that at this price point that the service would have been a little more spot on, but perhaps they were having an off night.


15 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108


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