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I had been hearing lots of good things about Strip T’s. Tim Maslow has been getting a lot of buzz. He landed a job at cult favorite restaurant Momofuku in New York and came back to Boston to transform his father’s sandwich shop into the hot spot it now is. From the outside, it looks like nothing special. It’s a few blocks from the Arsenal Mall in Watertown, and has seating for about 30 in addition to the bar seating in front.


The inside is quite charming. Light fills the place from the large windows in front. There are wonderful photographs on the wall (which you can purchase) along with a big mirror in the back to make the place feel a little bigger than it really is.


We are lucky to get a seat right away, but maybe that’s because we are having lunch at 2:30. The waitstaff is in t-shirts and jeans and they give us menus that are clipped to a piece of cardboard.


We start with the NYC’s Pho Real sandwich ($9) with grilled chicken, thai basil, avocado, bean sprouts. There were a lot of things going on in the sandwich, but it was delicious, a really nice melding of flavors.


We get a side of sweet potato wedge fries ($6).


We also order the fried cauliflower sandwich ($9) it comes with provolone, but we had them hold the broccoli rabe. Really nice flavor in this sandwich, made me feel like I was being healthy!

They have a lot of locally sourced food, during the day it is more of a diner and during the evening they have a more upscale menu. The service was ok, our waitress brought us our check when she dropped off the sandwiches, and even though she said, “no rush”, we still thought that it was bad form. The meal was excellent, we went home and took a nap afterwards, which is a true compliment to the chef!

Strip T’s

Phone: (617) 923-4330 Fax: (617) 923-8062
93 School St Watertown, MA 02472

Reservations are encouraged, but not required.

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 11am-4pm & 5pm-10:00pm
(Fri open until 10:30pm)
Sat 11:30am-4pm & 5pm-10:30pm
closed sunday

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