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I had seen Boston Magazine’s Best Dumpling article, and decided to get a few friends together to go to the Windsor Dim Sum Cafe to try their dumplings. Located in Chinatown, on the second floor, this place is always jam packed. There are a few larger tables, so many times, they ask you if you mind sitting with other people.


This time around, we shared a table with another group of three.


We ordered fairly “American” Chinese food, while our table mates went for the more authentic dishes. They ordered things like “fake shark fin” soup and chicken feet. The woman sitting across from me picks up a whole chicken foot, puts it completely in her mouth, and then proceeds to spit the bones out on her plate. I’m still having nightmares about that.


I loved the rice cake noodles-really nice flavor and a chewy consistency.


We had so much food, and we were completely full by the end. The great part was that for all that food, it was very reasonably priced. Above are some of our choices, deep fried shrimp rolls, steamed shrimp dumplings, sticky rice, sting beans Szechuan style, and more. Service is so so-your food comes out as it is made in the kitchen, pull any waiter aside if you need anything else during your meal. They have a menu with pictures if you are newbie to dim sum-so don’t worry.


And just to leave you with something fun, the parking garage elevator sign!

Windsor Dim Sum Cafe

10 Tyler Street at Beach, Chinatown

Takeout available

minimum credit card charges, open daily 9am-10pm


Winsor Dim Sum Cafe on Urbanspoon

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