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Located in the Back Bay, right near my office, we like to go there for lunch when we have time to sit, which is rare.

The service here always leaves us wanting more. One time, we went for lunch, five of us, and it was a good thing that we checked our bill because there were a bunch of things on there that we didn’t order. Service for the most part is decent, if not a little slow. Sometimes they leave you hanging without chips or water.

It’s a cute place, I love the decor. It is a little on the small side and not really a great place to be if you just want to drink at the bar. They do have an outside patio in the summertime which is really nice.

There was one night when there was about 15 of us going out for drinks and they literally turned us away at the door, and this was at 6 when it wasn’t crowded. We were sending off a coworker in style, so they would have made some decent money on a week day, but it’s their loss. We headed over next door to the Brahmin where Mike, one of the managers there, took really good care of us. I digress….back to the food.

IMG_6387Love that homemade guacamole. They make it to order. While eating it with the chips and the complimentary salsa, having it with the fresh corn tortillas is very addictive.


My favorite meal there would certainly have to be the chilaquiles vegetarianos ($23) which is a mexican lasagna, three tiers of bakes chilaquiles (tortillas simmered in salsa) with spinach, grilled corn, mushrooms, poblano chiles, black beans and salsa verde. It really does taste like a lasagna, and it is consistently good every time I get it. I love the presentation, the melding of flavors and the crunchiness of the corn. You don’t miss anything by this dish being vegetarian, I get to about the halfway point and feel full. the mushroom give it all the meatiness that this dish needs.

Where’s your favorite Mexican spot?

Zocalo Cocina Mexicana
35 Stanhope St, Boston 02116

(617) 456-7849

Zocalo Mexican Bistro & Tequila Bar on Urbanspoon

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