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Some of you may have seen the post on Rita’s catering. If not, you can see it here: Through them, I was invited to Taste of Seamless, an event on March 6th at the State Room.


Traffic was a nightmare! Getting from Back Bay to 60 State took about 25 minutes, and was a $45 Uber ride! Meanwhile we couldn’t even get the door to the cab open when we arrived because the wind was blowing so hard! We checked our coats and were ready to go!


The iconic view from the State Room.


The event was pretty crowded. The bar was located all the way in the back, which was a little inconvenient, but that was our first stop. After we had a glass of wine in hand, we were ready to brave the crowd.


The event had a mixed crowd. My friend and I were dressed to the nines since we were heading out to the Restoration Hardware opening afterwards. There were people in jeans and then people in business attire.


It was hard to tell who was in line waiting to sample food and who was just loitering and eating. We wished that there were more tables downstairs to put down our plates and eat. Let me tell you how hard it is to stand with your purse, your business cards, a glass of wine and a plate of food. You need a third hand to actually eat the food on your plate!


There was a nice variety of companies at the event. Boston Cafe and Catering, Crazy Dough’s Pizza, El Pelon, Jules Catering, Milk Street Cafe, Moksa, Otto Pizza, Rebecca’s Cafe, Rita’s Catering, Sebastians and Tossed. Some standouts for us were: Boston Catering’s stuffed brie torta on a toasted brioche, El Pelon’s quesadilla, Milk Street’s chicken spring rolls, and Rita’s golden coconut shrimp with cashew curry drizzle. I didn’t have any at the event, but I do love Otto’s mashed potato bacon and scallion pizza as well as their sausage and vidalia pizza.


Everyone had menus but we decided to just drop our cards instead, one less thing to carry…


I am always a fan of places that send you home with a snack – it gives you something to remember them by, it made those companies stand out.


Cake on a stick from Jules Bakery.


Dense cake on the inside with a hard chocolate shell on the outside. Wasn’t the most moist cake I’ve had, but I remembered them and had their business card.


And these little whoopie pies from Rita’s were super cute. Not sure that I loved the strawberry filling (they do have great desserts) but I thought that they were adorable. We headed out to brave mother nature and go to the RH opening at the old Louis Boston, we ended up standing in line for about 10 minutes, and then the fire department came and shut the party down….so we never made it inside. From what I hear from a friend of mine who did get in, the place was packed and no one could get to the bar on the second floor. So maybe it was a good thing that we didn’t get in. Meanwhile, it was a fun night, if you want more information about what Seamless has to offer, go to their website at

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