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IMG_6505On a random Saturday we decided to go on a road trip to Maine.
IMG_6508We picked out a few new places that looked good and we were on our way! First stop, Dean’s Sweets in Portland. Located at 82 Middle Street, this tiny shop sells hand made truffles.
IMG_6541It’s around the corner from Duck Fat and Two Fat Cats Bakery from our last Maine adventure. There are lots of cute shops in the area that we will be sure to check out once the weather warms up. We threw a quarter in the meter and went in, drooling in anticipation.
IMG_6545I’m a milk chocolate fan myself, so I picked out a milk and milk, a sea salt caramel and a coffee truffle. You can buy them in a box or a bag-we knew they wouldn’t last long so a bag it was!
IMG_6544The truffles all look very similar on the outside and on the inside, but don’t be fooled, once you bite into one, they all have very unique flavors.
IMG_6542We also picked up a raspberry, a blueberry (made with Maine Cold River vodka)and a double dark (a semi sweet center with a hint of Mexican vanilla)
IMG_6546And let’s not forget the potato chip chocolate. Now, in the past, all the chocolate potato chips I have had fell flat, the chips are soggy, the flavors just don’t meld, there’s something just off. THIS chocolate bar was out of this world, the chips were crunchy and fresh and if you closed your eyes, took a bite, and just inhaled, your mouth fills up with the potato chip flavor. You know that feeling of when you open a fresh bag and the first deep breath in of the chips inside flow out? That’s what this chocolate tastes like. Thanks goodness I only bought one bar, that’s how dangerous they are. Sweet and salty, a deadly combination.
IMG_6535Check out the clouds that day!
IMG_6511Next stop Kittery for When Pig’s Fly pizza!
IMG_6510It’s a great place, I can only imagine how busy it will be in the summer when you can eat outside. They have high ceilings with an industrial feeling about the space. They keep it warm with the huge pizza oven in the back.
IMG_6514We try the fried chicken with Mac and cheese. This is a ton of food! The chicken was crispy on the outside and really tender on the inside. We brought two pieces home it was so much food. The Mac and cheese was really tasty. I love Mac and cheese that uses pasta in non traditional shapes. The flavors were rich and savory.
IMG_6515We also had the meatball pizza that was a little spicy, due to the red pepper flakes. Love the textures in the pizza, the creamy ricotta compared to the fresh mozzarella. The pizza was pretty generously sized, it was larger than a dinner plate and you could certainly share this with another person.
IMG_6516And here’s a close up of this amazing pizza. The dough was just right, the wood burning oven made it crisp with a little bit of char. Not too thin of a crust and not too thick. The service was so so….nothing memorable but we were in and out fairly quickly.

When Pigs Fly Bakery on Urbanspoon

IMG_6524No stop to Kittery would be complete without a stop at Yummies! Had to pick up some rock candy for my Valentine’s for the office. Got to love the nostalgic candy and the sheer quantity of candy they offer.
IMG_6530And just when you thought you couldn’t have another bite, we stopped in Portsmouth, NH for a dessert. What a cute little area, lots of great little shops I would have liked to have visited if we had had more time. Meanwhile we came to grab a bite at Popovers on the Square. There isn’t a lot of seating and apparently people call ahead to reserve tables. So you order at the counter and then put your name in with the hostess. We were lucky enough to get a seat, but it was packed. We were looking forward to the hot chocolate but when we got there, we weren’t overly impressed by it. The sheer size of our apple crumb dessert was impressive, but the quality and taste left us wanting more. Maybe we just ordered the wrong thing…it wouldn’t be this crowded if the food wasn’t good, right?

Popovers On The Square on Urbanspoon

IMG_6539And the sky on the drive home….isn’t it beautiful?

Where’s your favorite place to road trip?

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