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I love me some Roxy’s! I love them more that they hang out in one of the three spots reserved for food trucks around the corner from my office! To our surprise, they added a new sandwich, behold the Mushroom Melt! Swiss cheese, crimini and oyster mushrooms and spinach…AMAZING! Love the meatiness that the mushrooms bring, never mind the flavor, and while I avoid healthy green veggies like the plague, the spinach was a nice addition. I rolled around the office like Popeye for the rest of the day, HA! Love the new addition Roxy’s, keep them coming!


And on a cold day, who could resist the truffle fries? And there are a great deal of them, so much that I shared with the office, who didn’t want to be my friend that day? Really great fries, crispy but light, salty and delicious with that wonderful truffle flavor!


Some co-workers, however, did not get the hint that I was not sharing…

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