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The menu is pretty small:

Rice Plates
Combo (Chicken & Gyro)

Combo (Chicken & Gyro)

Extra Rice
Extra Pita
Extra Lettuce
Extra Sauce

$6 for lunch size and $4 for a snack size. Bring your cash ’cause they don’t take cards.

Check out their Facebook page, they have a contest: beat the last guy and you eat for free  Damien is the current winner, eating 4.6lbs of chicken and rice. Maybe wait to try and beat the record until the weekend. That could make for a long day if you have to go back to your desk after eating 5lbs!

So, for $6 you get a big plate full of food and all the hot sauce your heart desires. Here’s the thing about this place, my co-workers and I eat it so fast, because it’s so good, that we end up sitting in a food coma for the rest of the afternoon…talk about a  long rest of the day! They scored another truck so it’s a score for us that they are near my office 3 days a week!

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