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Met my friend for a mani a few weeks ago. We were looking for a place to get our nails done in the Back Bay area, and Yelp gave Treasured Hands the best ratings. Now it’s winter, and it’s dark, so trying to find this place was hard enough. It is across the street from the Lenox Hotel on Boylston Street. It took us a good 5 minutes on the sidewalk to figure out how to get to this place. The nice homeless man outside Dunks offered to help us….. for a price. Meanwhile you use the call box to call upstairs, but they can’t buzz you in, so you have to wait until they come down to open the door for you. Later, when we were actually getting our nails done, it seemed a little odd that the woman doing our nails would have to stop to get up and open the door.

The place at first glance is clean. They have a small waiting area and lots of choices for polish. They are also “selling” used polish for $2 which we found to be a little sketchy. The ladies inside couldn’t have been nicer, but nice doesn’t measure how good you are at doing manis. The ventilation system is exposed, so you are sitting staring at large metal pipes while getting your nails done, not very spa like. IMG_6285

The towel that they put on the table was dirty, and the woman doing my nails may have taken off two pounds of cuticle…and my cuticles weren’t even in bad shape. My friend got nicked twice. Meanwhile the polish was thick and gloppy going on, and we sat for 10 minutes under a dryer before leaving. The picture above is right after the mani. Bubbles and dent marks in the polish. And look, my cuticles don’t even look that good, in fact, they are quite jagged.


Check out the bubbles in the top coat below.


When I woke up the next morning, my top coat had puckered and you could see the marks from where my bed sheets had left an indentation. And when I got to work, I noticed that one nail had already chipped.


So not even 24 hours had passed and the manis were already ruined.

imageHere is a picture of my friend’s nails the next day. They accept credit cards for the mani but you must tip in cash. Needless to say, I don’t think that we will be back anytime soon.

Where is your favorite place to get a mani? Leave me your vote in the comment section!

Treasured Hands Nail Salon

715 Boylston St, 2nd Fl (between Fairfield St & Exeter St)  Boston, MA 02116

(617) 236-5529

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