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After dinner at Deep Ellum we decided to head next door to get some ice cream from Fomu.

I had heard about it from a write up in the Globe. As you can tell, I’m not a vegan, but I was tempted anyway.

A cute little shop with limited seating in the front and back, this place also serves George Howell Coffee. Small world, I went to high school with his daughter.

I’m not a big soy ice cream eater either, but strawberry is always the best flavor (in my opinion) when you have soy….somehow I thought that would be the same for vegan ice cream. I later remembered that the ice cream is made from coconut milk…and I probably should have gone with chocolate or coconut….however…as you can see,  I went with strawberry. And what do you know? It tasted like coconut. The experience can be likened to biting into an orange and tasting a banana. A little weird to say the least, but the ice cream was indeed creamy and delicious despite not tasting a think like strawberry. And those chocolate jimmy’s on top, they are the real thing…

Happy I went to try it out, but pretty sure this girl will be sticking with the real deal from now on.


481 Cambridge Street (Between Beacon and Hano)

Allston MA 02134

Fomu on Urbanspoon

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