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After seeing this review in the Globe, Manna House made a quick jump to the top of my “to try” list of restaurants. Manna House is located on a small side street in Arlington. We went over on a Saturday night-the place wasn’t as crowded as we thought it would be, considering how tasty the food was. I love how the restaurant is family owned and operated. The mother and daughter team waited on us and we caught a glimpse of dad in the back cooking.

The place is like an extension of a home – there are drawings taped to the register, photos and memorabilia.

We started off with some gyoza. Lightly pan fried, these dumplings were really tasty.

We also had the kimchi pancake. I wish that there was more of a bite to this dish, as the raw kimchi was SO tasty.

Korean meals come with complimentary little side dishes: tofu, anchovies, bean sprouts, tofu, kimchi etc.

The anchovies always freak me out a little….

Chicken Bokum- really lightly breaded and fried chicken, something like a General Gao’s chicken, with a sweet sauce.

The Okdul bibimbab- rice, veggies and some beef served in a hot pot-you mix it up with the house sauce, which isn’t too spicy, and I have to say that the best part of this dish is when you get close to the end and you have the crunchy rice that has been cooking away while you’ve been eating.

And the ever favorite of mine, bulgogi- marinated beef with a side of white rice- DELICIOUS!

At the end of our meal they brought these out with the check….not sure what they are, but they are so yummy. I was nervous to try it, but it ended up being this cold creamsicle flavored drink. Yum! This place is certainly worth the trip out to Arlington.

Manna House


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