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I have been to Sweet Cheeks 3 times so far, and every time was as good as the first. Located on Boylston Street near Fenway park, this BBQ joint doesn’t disappoint. Tiffany Faison was one of the finalists on Top Chef and this is her first restaurant, which opened in the fall of 2011.

Inside, is a casual dining room with low top tables and high top communal tables. The playlist is early 90’s…who doesn’t love a little Nate Dogg while eating pulled pork? All the meats are cooked without sauce, but don’t worry, the meat is still tender and juicy. There are three different kinds of hot sauce, and a habanero sauce they don’t leave on the table for rookies, you should make sure to ask for it!

Got to love the mason jars on the table for water.

I’m pretty sure this is a liter of Coke!

The service was good, we had the same waiter 2 out of the 3 times we went there. They are friendly, knowledgeable and the service is quick! We start off with the bucket of biscuits ($10 for 4). I’m not a biscuit kind of gal…usually they are too dense and too dry. When these came out…I had a pit in the bottom of my stomach….they were huge. At nearly the size of a softball, I was reluctant to try them….but they were warm and so I spread on some butter and took a bite. SO pleasantly surprised…and the honey butter? Man, I could eat that straight it’s THAT good. A little sweetness and you don’t even miss having jam on the biscuits. Wondering what the secret is!

Here’s another shot…

My friend orders the short rib tray for $28 that comes with a hot and a cold side-talk about Fred Flintstone meat! But the meat was tender and flavorful and just fell off the bone.

My other friend gets the pulled pork sandwich for $12-this could feed an army!

I order the pulled pork tray, $18, with the mac and cheese and the carrot and raisin salad. I’m already thinking that half of this is coming home for left overs. The mac and cheese was classic, nothing fancy…bread crumbs on top, very nostalgic. Sometimes you just don’t mess with a classic.The carrot and raisin salad was tasty, love the crunch and the sweetness. The pulled pork was tender, and smokey, and frankly delicious, and I don’t even crave BBQ…so that’s saying a lot. I give this place really high marks. Sometimes when you love something the first time you go…every time after doesn’t stand up to what you remember, but this place doesn’t disappoint. Highly recommend a stop in – try to do it before the Red Sox season starts so that you are sure savor the food…because I’m pretty sure I felt like someone should have wheeled me out after that dinner!

We also had the giant nutter butter, a home made cookie for $8, that was as big as a dinner plate. Tasty and delicious, but we were stuffed and took 3/4 of it home!


Sweet Cheeks Q


P: 617.266.1300 EMAIL

LUNCH11:30am – 3pm

DINNER5pm – 11pm   BAR til 1am

SUNDAY11:30am – 10pm

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