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Crumbs Boston, yes, it is sad that it has taken me this long to get to you…you’ve been open for months…since March of this year!  Crumbs recently opened another location in the Burlington Mall. Crumbs is known for their large sized cupcakes and inventive takes on flavors….just make sure not to look at the calorie count per cupcake! 🙂

Of course I had to try the “traditional” ($2.95) The cupcake was good, albeit a little boring after I had tasted some of the other flavors…

The “apple cobbler” is apple cinnamon cake with apple preserves filling topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting and covered in streusel crumbs. $3.95.

Here is a shot of the inside, overflowing with apple preserves. The cupcake overall was quite tasty…moist and fresh, it tasted like a mix between an apple pie and a coffee cake…yum!

The caramel apple $3.95, tasted similar to the apple cobbler, but with that extra layer of sweetness on top with frosting and caramel sauce. It also had the apple preserves inside……mmm…mmmm….

The “happy birthday” $3.95, had vanilla cake mixed with rainbow sprinkles filled with vanilla buttercream mixed with rainbow sprinkles topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting edged with rainbow sprinkles and yellow rosette in the center. I’d have to say  that it wasn’t my favorite, there were a lot of things going on here…

The pistachio $3.95, (not shown) was pretty tasty. The flavor was subtle, the frosting was just the right hint of sweetness and the cake was super fresh! It came with green frosting with a sprinkling of pistachios.

The key lime $3.95 was really good. Fresh cake, good frosting to cake ratio. Really nice flavor to it. Overall the cupcakes were good-not crave-worthy for this girl though…To me, it felt like they were banking on size and “flash” with their flavors. That being said, they are above average and I would certainly go back again, this girl doesn’t say no to cupcakes 🙂 Check out their website for new and exciting flavors!

Crumbs Bakery

176 Federal Street Boston MA 02110

617 345 9200

Monday – Friday: 7am – 7pm

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